Celebrate the Power of Conversation…!

Inclusive Voices is an annual event that encourages casual, informal conversations over lunch, led by some of the most interesting leaders Pittsburgh has to offer, providing a unique forum for people with different life experiences and perspectives, to explore ideas and build bridges of understanding in the Pittsburgh region.

Since 2009, more than 200 Pittsburgh have volunteered their time as Table Hosts/Conversationalists, engaging over 1500 eager participants interested in working together and effecting positive change. Set over lunch, 35 diverse Conversationalists will host 8 guests and lead thought-provoking discussions centered around the fields of Science, Business, Art, Commerce, Philanthropy, Government and many other disciplines.

What began as a unique idea to encourage conversation between people with different experiences and perspectives, Inclusive Voices has become a catalyst for creativity and growth, celebrating the power of conversation and connection.

We hope you will join us at Inclusive Voices where you can meet new colleagues or reconnect with old ones as we continue our endeavor to build a stronger, more inclusive community.