The best ideas start as conversations...
— Jonathan Ive


11th Annual Inclusive Voices Conversationalists Confirmed to Date Include:

  • Antonio A. Baltran, President and CEO, Pittsburgh Mercy Health System

  • Fred Brown, President and CEO, The Forbes Funds

  • Sloane Davidson, Founder and CEO, Hello Neighbor

  • Tami Dixon, Principal Creative & Co-Founder, Bricolage

  • Lina Dostilio, PhDAssociate Vice Chancellor for Community Engagement, University of Pittsburgh

  • Felicia Savage Friedman, Founder, YogaRoots On Location

  • Joyce Gannon, Business Columnist, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

  • Nichelle Hughley, Vice President, Strategy and Planning, PNC Financial Services

  • Noble A-W MaseruPhD, MPH, Director, Center for Health Equity, University of Pittsburgh

  • Mary Phan-Gruber, Executive Director, Jefferson Regional Foundation

  • Carl Redwood, Community Organizer, Hill District Consensus Group

  • Tishekia Williams, Managing Counsel, Regulatory, Duquesne Light Company

  • Robert Young, Managing Director, The Advanced Leadership Initiative (TALI)








Celebrate the Power of Conversation…!


...9 Years…313 Table Hosts….313 Conversations…and more to come!!!

Since 2009, more than 2,500 dynamic, diverse, engaged & interested participants from different walks of life have gathered each spring to share a meal, share ideas and communicate in an effort to effect positive changes in our region.

Program to Aid Citizen Enterprise (PACE) had a unique idea to “set the table” and provide a forum for meaningful conversations, with the goal to foster connections that would put us on the path toward a more inclusive and understanding Pittsburgh. Now, more than ever, the need for these conversations remain critical and PACE is pleased to once again “set the table” for these important, thought-provoking conversations that are so important to our region.

Communication leads to community, understanding and mutual value.
— Rollo May