The Foundation Center

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Getting Grants

Information compiled by the Library Spot. This site provides links to funding sources, grant writing and other great non-profit resources.

GRANTMAKERS for Effective Organizations (GEO)

GEO is a diverse community of 500 grantmakers working to reshape the way philanthropy operates. Understanding that grantmakers are successful only to the extent that their grantees achieve meaningful results, GEO promotes strategies and practices that contribute to grantee success.

Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania

Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania (GWP) is a professional membership association formed in 1985 by leaders who wanted to create an organized mechanism for grantmakers to learn and work together. It is a 501 (c) (3) organization serving 26 counties in western Pennsylvania. GWP does not make grants.

The Grantsmanship Center

The Grantsmanship Centersm was founded in 1972 by Norton J. Kiritz to offer grantsmanship training to nonprofit and government agencies.

The Non-Profit Guides

Non-profit guides are designed to assist established non-profit organizations and entities through the private and public grant writing process. This site takes you step by step through the grant writing process from pre-proposal to budgeting.

The Community Investment Network

The Community Investment Network(CIN) is a nonprofit organization, with a national scope, that encourages organizations and individuals to think and act more strategically with their giving to impel greater social change in their communities. The CIN promotes and supports strategic collective giving and community problem-solving by providing knowledge and information regarding various tools and strategies.

The concept of Community Philanthropy is central to this network. Community Philanthropy recognizes that solutions to community problems often originate in unexpected places and from people traditionally excluded from community decision-making. We believe that each of us has the power to become an instrument of change in our community.

Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers

Philanthropy means giving to promote the common good.  It can be the giving of time, money, or knowledge — as long as it improves the quality of life for society.

These resources are provided as a courtesy to organizations seeking assistance with grant writing, leadership, capacity-building, and other technical assistance.

We offer these links solely for information purposes and do not endorse any of the organizations, products, etc., below. We encourage visitors to perform their own searches and explore other options. These are merely suggestions.