Strategic Action Planning Program 2019-2022

The Strategic Action Planning Grant Program supports the efforts of “ready” organizations to examine their mission and the environment in which they work in order to create an action plan to achieve their goals.

Our Strategic Action Planning Program Participants for the 2019 / 2022 funding years include:

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1Hood Media

Mission/Purpose: The mission of 1 Hood Media is to build liberated communities through art, education and social justice.

A Giving Heart

Mission/Purpose: To help the people of Allentown and the surrounding hilltop neighborhoods thrive as individuals, families and members of the larger community.

Divine Intervention Ministries

Mission/Purpose: To provide current and formerly incarcerated adults and at-risk youth with coordinated resources that will connect them to supportive services and job training opportunities focusing on restoring and realizing their maximum potential spiritually, physically and economically.

Hill Community Development Corporation

Mission/Purpose: To create, promote, and implement strategies and programs that connect plans, policies and people to drive compelling community development opportunities in the Greater Hill District.

Ujamaa Collective

Mission/Purpose: To create spaces, opportunities, networks, education and support for women of African descent to grow as entrepreneurs, artisans, and servant-leaders so that we may “lift as we climb”.

Veteran’s Place of Washington Blvd

Mission/Purpose: To empower Veterans’ transition from Homeless to Home, ending the cycle of homelessness to become engaged, valuable citizens who contribute to their communities.

Youth Enrichment Services

Mission/Purpose: YES provides socially and economically at risk youth the opportunity to achieve success through participation in mentorship, education, and enrichment programs.